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How Does Hypnosis Work

“You have to delve deep into your subconscious to change your life”

All the great traditions say that everything begins in the mind, and I think everyone would agree that thoughts are powerful things. People understand that thoughts have an effect on their lives, but most people have never been taught how fully to use their minds. They may think that the mind is thinking, planning, or working something out, but it is doing so much more.                                    

From a hypnosis perspective we talk about the conscious, the subconscious,
the unconscious
and even super-conscious.
We also know from neuroscience and neuroplasticity that neurons that fire together wire together, so one can literally change brain function by changing one’s thoughts. There is a difference between the mind and the brain, and with hypnosis we're dealing with the mind.     


A Message From William


A bit about William


Qualifications and skills

Skills that work together

Over many years I have developed a set of skills that work well together.

Today, William’s particular interest and expertise is in the area of Mind/Body medicine. As a hypnotherapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, 3Q practitioner and NLP trainer, William is very aware of the mind’s powerful role in all patterns of health disharmony. When combined with his naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine distinctions, healing is an elegant and efficient process.

The healing arts and sciences are much more than a process of recommendation; it is fundamentally a process of empowerment. This empowerment can be better understood as emotions such as appreciation, compassion, kindness, and love. It is William’s view that without the context of compassion, medicine is reduced to a mechanistic process that is ultimately rendered impotent. With this understanding, consultations with William are client centered and love based.

Clinical Hypnosis
Time Line Therapy
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 Oriental Medicine
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Contempery Meditation

William’s training:


What can Hypnosis help?

retrain your brain

Rewire your brain



Everything works well together 

Ultimately, fundamental changes in lifestyle must occur. The fundamental reason I love hypnosis is that it offers the opportunity to change an individual’s mindset and lifestyle. I can tailor hypnosis to any client’s specific needs.

Clients often come to me with health problems that may stem from a source that they are unaware of. I draw on the entirety of my training to find the underlying source of problems.

Everything is interconnected:

For example, a lack of exercises causes problems in one’s life. Most people know this, yet this knowledge is not enough. Change at the unconscious level is imperative. Alternatively, misguided ideas on food and nutrition may need to be addressed. 

Because I'm an integrated clinical hypnotist, I take a holistic approach in understanding my client’s problems.

William Federico


NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

YOUR behaviour words and thinking

Any task or skill can be decoded and replicated

Studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), was a major turning point in my personal and professional life. NLP, as the words imply, is a way of using language inside one’s own mind and connecting with others. Language is not limited to words, it also comprises pictures and feelings. NLP is a way of rewiring neurons and reprogramming the brain.

When this method first gained popularity, it was considered to be a radical form of therapy for its time. We now can see that through the developments in neuroscience that NLP methods have now been validated. NLP provides techniques and tools to help clients perform at their best. One of the main points that NLP focuses on modelling--the idea that any task can be replicated.

In other words, modelling centres itself on the idea that replicating particular beliefs, strategies, values, and attitudes produce parallel results. The presupposition of NLP is that the human mind is very similar to a computer. There is a saying in computer programming circles “GIGO”, “garbage in garbage out.  The brain/mind computer works very much like this. The input of garbage results in an output of. garbage.  The opposite also holds true. If you put good in, good will come out. In essence, NLP is a way of expediting and accelerating success. Today, the practice is applied to all areas of business, education, and therapy.

All the research concluded from neuroscience and neuroplasticity supports what we have been saying for years, "When you change your mind, you literally rewire your brain."

A beautiful aspect of  NLP is that one learns how to gain rapport with others. In neuroscience, we can trace the activation of mirror neurons. Particular neurons that activate empathy. For example, if one drinks a glass of water, areas of the other person’s brain related to thirst will activate. Because they mirror each other, we are in rapport/empathy. There's a particular process in NLP of how to develop this empathy with people. There is a science behind how you create that empathy.

Being able to communicate in a way that gets the message across is another gift from NLP. You learn how to do this in an elegant and successful way.  Methods such as the use of metaphors are a big part of NLP. You can use metaphors to communicate strong, rapid messages to the unconscious mind.             

William Federico



-Stop smoking-
for good
this time

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SOme interesting facts to know

clients of mine have successfully stopped smoking
 of people who visit a  health therapist are in the Medical low risk category
people die from smoking every week
People Die from Stress Every 2 Seconds


Develop a personal Mandala

Please check it out

I have focused on my Mandala for over 20 Years, and it has developed my sense of self.

Just notice there are six rings there, and right in the middle of those six rings there's an empty spot, right in the middle, and that is the mind. This is why hypnosis is about the mind. Then there's three of those six circles represent the biochemical, biomechanical and neurological. I call them the primary resources, and three other circles of the six are the environmental, social and material. They're secondary resources. 

The primary ones are called primary because they're something that you’ve got direct control over. With your biochemistry, your neurology, and your biomechanics, at least that's you. Now for the mind, another word I use for that is source, s-o-u-r-c-e, feeling sourceful or feeling the Creator. Instead of using the word God, or spirit. I think it's a better word is source.

The six circles are the resources, so to me the ultimate life is living a sourceful life, a life that is based on creativity, inspiration, love and spirituality. Even though the word spirituality has got a lot of different notions about it. Essentially we're human beings, we're spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience, so I find that mentally my belief is that we're all spiritual beings, even if we don't think we are and I call that spiritual being your  source.                                    

To have a wonderful source of a spiritual life or a lovely life, you need these resources, the three primary resources, and the other three secondary resources. We need money, we need to be living in a healthy environment, we need to have wonderful and healthy social life, and all six areas need to be balanced. You're mind is responsible for this and only you can create balance in each of these six resources.                                    
They're symbiotic. There's this dance between the inner world or the source and those six external dimensions, the resources.


What my clients say


This is what my clients say about me!

I always value feedback and I use it to further my understanding of how people respond to my treatments.

I haven’t touched a smoke it two years! Thanks for the help, it’s really changed my life. I am keen to get fit now...

DAniela monti  manager

I didn’t know what to expect going in. After a few sessions I have noticed a real difference in all aspects of my life. I feel calm and happy instead of stressed and sick. Thank you

elton gomez  ceo

I had tried almost everything and had given up on the idea that I was going to get well. Will finds out the problem and deals with it. It doesn’t feel like a bandaid solution. 

martin canaz  manager

So clean and to the point, love it!

zelish yldyel  manager

So clean and to the point, love it!

DAniela wong  ceo

This interface is simple awesome

DAniela monti  manager


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Today is the day where you can transform your life.

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