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Stopping smoking is the first step to improving your life.

I really enjoy helping people quit smoking, because in one session I can add 13 to 16 years onto a patient’s life. It is a massive turnaround in a very short period of time, and people generally feel really appreciative when they kick their habit.

Most smokers on average spend up to $10,920+ a year on cigarettes. That is an exorbitant amount of money, and the cost is rising every year.

When It comes to stopping smoking, about 95% of my clients only need to see me once.

30% of people feel fantastic after one session. They never smoke again, and I never see them again. These are the people that say, "Why didn't I do this earlier?”

Another 30% experience fleeting cravings that come and go in the first week and gradually subside altogether

A further 30% feel fantastic after the session, yet they may be tempted when surrounded by other smokers. Due to hypnosis, however, they find it easier to say no.

Then, the final 5% of people do fantastically for many years, and in turn they get overconfident and think, "I can have a puff here and there." It is important for these people to simply just say no, which is easier after the hypnosis.

These days, I can pretty much predict what people will experience post hypnosis. Of the small amount of people that may experience some challenges post hypnosis, tend to be people that are on antidepressants or have severe anxiety or sleep issues. Their lifestyle may be a little chaotic and out of balance, on top of being a smoker (or because of it).

It's very empowering when clients walk out of my clinic as non-smokers. Kicking the habit can lead to further positive changes in other areas of their lives. It tends to provide them with the confidence to say, “What else can I do that I didn't think I could do?"

Clients often decide to invest the money they used to waste on cigarettes into healthier habits, such as a personal trainer, gym memberships or massage sessions.

Quitting smoking leads to further positive changes. One’s breathing, sense of smell, and personal finances regain balance. No matter how much a smoker tries to exercise and eat well, a smoker will never be healthy. 

Having quit smoking, I can turn the focus on other important issues, such as diet, overall health, meditation, and stress management--which usually requires support.
Some clients require oriental medicine to support their nervous systems. One of the advantages of integrated hypnosis is that I can offer several other approaches that help clients get the most out of hypnosis.

Here is a great video from the people at quitsmoking.com that shows how good things can get.

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