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Reaching ideal weight is often more about one’s mental state than one’s body.

When it comes to weight, a common problem is comfort eating. What people are saying is that they are not comfortable, and they look to food and drink to provide comfort, and this is true. When someone says, “I feel better when I drink alcohol,” or, “I eat chocolate to make me feel better,” all sorts of biochemical aspects come into play. The improved feeling may last for a period of time, but only as long as particular chemicals affect the brain.
With weight issues, oftentimes people think that when they are overweight, all they need to do is more exercise, eat healthier food, or eat less. This holds true in about 70 to 80% of the population, but there is more to it. For example, people with thyroid problems must be healed differently.

The body has an unconscious weight-regulating mechanism, which I call the weight-o-stat, which I can address through hypnosis. If people unconsciously see themselves as weighing 90 kilograms, that is the weight they will maintain. They might drop to 89, 88, but they often suddenly find themselves back at 90. I adjust unconscious weight regulation and engage metabolism in hypnosis.

I call metabolism the FFF, or the fat furnace flame. In other words, the brighter the metabolism burns fat, the more weight is shed. 

Another approach is virtual gastric banding. People often say, "My only problem is that I overeat. If I just ate to 80% full, I would lose weight." 

I can also install strategies around exercise, and I may use certain supplements assist the body’s systems. Each treatment is tailored to the individual.
Most people know what they need to do in order to lose weight, and so I reprogram their unconscious mind in accordance with their weight goals.

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